Diving in the crystal waters of Mallorca.

February 27, 2018

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Submarinism in Mallorca

The waters of Mallorca seduce

An island that is considered a paradise for its crystal clear beaches has another charm, many know the beauty of the surface but very few dive to discover another spectacular world that only the one who practices this sport can enjoy this landscape live, it is the world submarine.

  • Cabrera
    Maritime National Park – Terrestrial of the Archipelago of Cabrera formed by 19 islands and islets the main ones of greater surface Cabrera and Conejera.Situado to the Southeast of Majorca Being a protected space the coastal landscape has a great wealth practically is unaltered.
  • Dragonera
    Located southwest of Mallorca. Declared Natural Park since January 26, 1995 together with the islands of Pantaleu and Mitjana. The islands are home to many species, both plants and animals. MS Josephine is located between San Telmo and Dragonera, it is a wreck at 33 meters depth, according to some bibliographies it was described as the most spectacular dive site in Mallorca.
  • Cala Llamp
    Located two km from Port de Andratx, where we highlight the Cueva de Sa Madona located on a cliff very close to Cala Llamp.
  • Cap Formentor
    Formentor, belonging to the municipality of Pollença, is a narrow peninsula that reaches Cape Formentor, a spectacular cliff located at the northernmost point of the island of Mallorca, where you can see dolphins every year. It is also a place of passage of the tunas when climbing the Strait of Gibraltar towards Menorca. In this place the oceanic currents favor the development of the fauna and the flower.
  • Cala Varques
    Located between Calas de Mallorca and Cala Romantica it is ideal to enjoy a great diversity of marine species and makes it more attractive its crystalline waters. It covers an area of more than 500m and is part of the destination of many divers for the variety of underwater galleries
  • Caló des Moro
    It is six kilometers from Santanyí and is the busiest of all the beaches in the area.
    Nestled between high walls populated by pine trees, it is sandy, dotted with large rocks.
    Its crystalline water, open to winds from the east-southeast, highlights a sandy bottom, excellent for diving and for mooring small boats, at a depth close to the coast that ranges between three and four meters. The port facility, Port de Cala Figuera de Santanyí, is located two nautical miles away.
  • Cala Ratjada
    Located northwest of Mallorca in the municipality of Capdepera. Cala Ratjada diving suits all ages. According to experts, it is one of the best places in Mallorca to practice this sport.
    It should be noted Cala Agulla that the best access point is Cala Lliteras.
  • Cala Lliteres o na Lliteres
    Located in the term of Capdepera, it is a cove of gravel and rock located in the urbanization of the same name. It is a very touristy and clean place. It has several islets a few meters from the shore where you can reach swimming and an exciting underwater landscape, with caves, caves a great diversity of fish and sponges

Sonia Ruiz.


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